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One area of our concern today is the false perception that the Diaspora Armenians have been able to create successfully in the chambers of law-makers and politicians in several countries with regard to the Turkish-Armenian issues. To pierce through this powerful web of fabrications, we have so far published eight brochures presented here under one cover as a booklet, showing forgeries dating from early 1900s to recent years. The inside pages show, for example, how a photo was lifted from the work of Russian artist Vassili Vereshchagin depicting the horrors of wars. It was painted in 1871 well before there were any Armenian issues, and yet it was copied and published in 1921 on the cover of a booklet next to a picture of Talaat Pasha accused of having ordered the crime. Another one shows on one page a famous picture of Atatürk sitting on a chair by his puppies, and next to it, a touched up photo of the same, except where the puppies are replaced with a human skeleton portrayed to be that of an Armenian child. Still another one shows a picture of Hitler with a big stop-sign on its face, and the forgery of his alleged statement on the inside pages. Yet another fabrication covers a most recent discovery last year of a photograph purportedly showing an Ottoman official taunting starving Armenians by pretending to wave at them pieces of bread. A painstaking laboratory analysis reveals that this is a forged photograph too. The remaining pages in the links below lay out the United Nations definition of “Genocide,” and let you decide on the events based on what historians have said. After showing the dastardly acts of the Armenians killing Turkish Diplomats and their families since the early 1980s, the eighth link shows the three crumbling pillars of the Armenian claims. The other links are work in progress.
You may also wish to visit the following site with wealth of information: https://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/
NOTE: Visitors are welcomed to download the brochures from the links given below. Just double click on the linked icon(s) that will bring up the corresponding “brochure(s)” in PDF format , which in turn can be saved on your electronic device. The electronic files can then be printed as desired. It is recommended that they be printed on at least 28lb paper and on a laser printer. The ink in Ink jet may smear in time. To print any given brochure file, first print “odd pages,” then turn the printed pages over before placing back on the printer where you next print “even pages.” In printing the “even pages,” the blank side of the papers should be inserted into the printer in a direction that the pages will print right side up. Afterwards the pages may be folded in half making sure that the page numbers follow in the proper sequence.


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